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1000 Paper Cranes

September 27, 2014

Gallery 21 for  52 Photos Project was : My Wish that Came True.

The Japanese legend goes that if you fold a 1000 paper cranes (yes, one thousand!) you will be granted one wish. A university friend of mine who was a connoisseur of origami told me this (she could fold the most complicated modular origami structures).

I left university with a degree in engineering – something that I had struggled through for 4 years and had barely come out alive at the other end of it, and was determined that any job I would do would not be related to my field of study. Unfortunately, the job market did not feel that way. After trying for 5 months, and attending various interviews, there was still no job in sight. I was spending my days watching West Wing and Gilmore Girls…

1000 Paper Cranes

Paper Cranes

Folding 1000 Paper Cranes

Remembering what my friend had told me, and since I was spending my time in front of my laptop and tv watching television series, I decided to keep my hands occupied and fold 1000 paper cranes. Day after day, going through stacks of origami paper, I slowly folded the paper cranes – all in different colours. I think I got through all 7 seasons of West Wing and all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls (still 2 of my favourite shows till today).

At the end of the endeavour, I had folded a 1000 paper cranes. And I made my wish – I wished for a job. A job I could do and progress in. Not long after, I did get a job which gave me a foot hold into the job market and even though I have moved on from it, it is that first job which set me on my path in life.

I am not sure if it was the ‘magic’ of the 1000 paper cranes which I folded or the determination that I felt going into that final interview as the cranes that I had taken time to painstakingly fold may have helped to solidify my resolve and give me a little bit of a push in going for what I wanted and wished for.

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    Reply Bella October 21, 2014 at 6:19 PM

    What a beautiful story! 1,000 paper cranes…! Amazing.
    I’m glad your wish came true. Thank you for adding to {my wish that came true} !!
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      Reply smarkies October 23, 2014 at 9:54 PM

      thanks for stopping by!

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