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2014 in Review: Books

January 4, 2015

I read more than the average person – which really is not saying very much in this day and age. In 2014 I read 40 books which is fairly low for me. Year after year my reading statistics have been declining – mainly owing to work and life and the ever growing backlog of tv series. There are only so many hours in a day.

I took a stand mid-year that I would not push myself to beat my previous year’s reading stat (57), and to take my time with whatever I was reading – e.g. it took me 3 months to finish ‘March of Folly’ by Barbara Tuchman (which turned out to be a very enlightening read).

2014 in Review: Books

Some of the highlights of my reading year are as follows:

Reading Goals 2015

Have decided to lay out some reading goals for 2015:

  1. To finish reading the books on my 2015 TBR list.
    • I have listed down 13 books, a mix of non fiction and fiction.  Some of these have been carried forward from 2014, and some newly added on this year.2014 in Review: Books
  2. To try and  reach about 50 books in total.
    • Again, am not going to push myself too much  – we should enjoy the books we read and the time that we spend reading them.
    • This total will include audiobooks as well as hard copies. Admittedly I do get through more audiobooks than hard copies during a  year but the total should not rule out a totally legitimate source of books / enjoyment.
  3. To ‘shop’ from my current stash of unread books.
    • Am going to try my best to not go on book buying sprees and to read from what I currently have in my bookshelf. I mean, I have more than 50 books which I have not read yet! (I know, I know – I am a self-confessed book hoarder… :))
  4. To read more poetry
    • I started on this in 2014 and would like to continue.
  5. To continue with my commonplace book.
    • Started this mid 2014 and it has improved my reading quality. It has helped me be more mindful of what I have read this year.2014 in Review: Books


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