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‘The American Senator’ by Anthony Trollope

October 18, 2014

‘The American Senator’ by Anthony Trollope was on my TBR list for 2014. Unfortunately I am dreadfully behind with my reading this year and I do not think I am going to make it through all the books I had planned for this year.

I am glad I did put this on my TBR list though. I bought this last year as I had heard it recommended on a local radio show about books.

The American Senator by Anthony Trollope

General Thoughts

Even though it is titled ‘The American Senator’, the book tells the story of Arabella Trefoil as she stalks through society trying to nab herself a suitable husband. This is juxtaposition-ed with the story of Mary Masters who has fallen in love with a childhood companion but who is facing family pressure to marry the ‘boy’ next door. The American senator, Mr Gotobed of Mikewa, meanwhile is exposed to the politics and eccentricities of the British political system and other aspects of the life of its people. As an observer he tries to make some sense of it (though not totally successful).

Perhaps not one of Trollope’s best works, this book does have a fine description of the English country life. I found the fox-hunting scenes fairly interesting as it gave some insight into that ‘sport’.

At the end of it all, even though Trollope set Arabella up as an anti-heroine, I had some sympathy for her lot in life – she definitely had some gumption in her.




‘That’s just what I must do. Nobody else can fight my battles for me.’

(~Arabella Trefoil)

There are for most of us moments of unhappiness in which we are tempted by our misery to think that we are relieved at any rate from the burden of caution, because nothing that can occur to us can make us worse than we are.

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