#make365somethings: Complete!

January 12, 2016

If I may say so, I think this self-challenge was a success. I was diligent for many of the days and on others where it was a push, I managed to get something done. 365 days of showing up and doing something with my hands.

How I Thought It Would Go

  • Somewhat dismally. That it would die off within a month of me starting it.
  • I may have ended up taking pictures of the sky everyday… though that is not a bad idea….
  • I would be able to clear off some of my burgeoning craft supplies.

How It Went

  • Seriously better than I expected. I “showed up” everyday keeping myself accountable. When I went on holiday, I tried to keep the momentum going by posting pictures of scenes around the area.
  • It started off with some baking, some attempts at calligraphy, and some sketching…
  • It evolved into a calligraphy journey and towards the year end I opened up an old set of watercolours and decided to have a go at them again. This year has opened me up to both of those mediums and I am going to pursue them more.
  • I did not clear out my craft supply cupboard. In fact I think I added to it! When I had to buy a new table for my room I decided to get a bigger one so that I could lay out the paper more and not be so cramped.

Some of my favourites from the challenge:

365 days creative challenge

One of my first pieces for the ‘challenge’. One of my favourite songs by Mindy Gledhill.

65 days creative challenge

One of my favourite pictures taken on my trip to Tokyo, Japan.

365 days creative challenge

I made this cutie!

365 days creative challenge

One of my first attempts with flourishing. I am always so hesitant with how they flow…

365 days creative challenge

My favourite writing implement – my first entry to the #handletteredABCs challenge.

365 days creative challenge

Off to tasmania!

365 days creative challenge

Inspired by the rainy season

365 days creative challenge

This word kept on playing over and over in my head until I got it down on paper on a Saturday morning. The best pieces are sometimes impromptu.

*daily submissions were on my tumblr page… and then on my instagram.

What’s Next?

The make365somethings challenge technically finished on the 3rd of January 2016 and since then I have been trying to figure out what’s next for me on the creative front? (Those doors are open and they ain’t gonna shut! LOL.)

For now I am participating in the ABC challenge of @handletteredABCs, which is really a great community of handletterers and calligraphers. After that I think I am going to take a break from posting every day – if I have nothing to put forward.

I am going to take a step back and work on the following:

  • Copperplate letterforms – going to work on improving and refining this
  • Flourishing
  • Learning how to use Illustrator and Photoshop for my lettering work
  • Keeping an art journal of sorts

Let’s see how the above pans out for 2016!

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