Travel: Lennox Head, New South Wales

October 12, 2014

Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia is a small and quiet coastal village. Located between Ballina and Byron Bay, it is fairly popular with families, beach-goers and holiday-makers.

Lennox Head, New South Wales

Lennox Head, New South Wales

Lennox Head, New South Wales

I have been holidaying there every so often for the last 5 years – partly because a relative owns a house by the beach and partly because it is a nice quiet place to go to where one can be with nature. We really do nothing much when we head out there – walks on the beach, lunches in town, heading down to Byron Bay or Ballina when we want a little something more, and walking up to Lennox Point (the headland). Occasionally one can see hang-gliders launching themselves off Lennox Point – maybe one day I will do the same :).

This is a surfers beach and you can see some out there on good surf days. However, there are calm patches of water where children can wade in and have some fun.

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