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Wisteria Hysteria at Ashikaga Park, Japan

May 18, 2015

Oh! It was so pretty and the whole park smelled of wisteria!

I had never smelled actual wisteria before and was not a fan of the “bottled” / hand lotion kind. It seemed to smell old – lady-ish. But the wisteria at the park was delicious! I wish I could have bottled it and brought it back!

The guides that we had read mentioned not going during Golden Week. But guess what, we were there, it was Golden Week and we wanted to go. So we headed there really early in the morning – taking a 8-ish train out of Tokyo subway station. A good decision in the end as the park got really crowded later in the day. It was fairly easy finding our way there – partly through asking a lot of train officials directions. Getting to the Ashikaga station, there was a convenient bus by the Ashikaga Park which takes you to the park – about a 20 to 30 minute ride.

We wandered around the park, eating wisteria ice cream (which melted really quickly in the heat). The wisteria and the flowers in the park were the absolute stars of the show. It was a wonderful day out.

Wisteria ice cream @ ashikaga park

Wisteria ice cream – which melted pretty quickly!

wisteria @ ashikaga park

Wisteria hysteria! 🙂

ashikaga park, japan

wandering through the park

ashikaga park

ashikaga park

ashikaga park

ashikaga park


ashikaga park

We had missed the cherry blossoms but we luckily managed to catch the wisteria in full bloom.


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